Wearing Diesel makes for successful living in a positive, jubilant community that plays by its own rules. More than a brand, a modern lifestyle, a mix of refinement, provocation and humor.

Modelli Diesel

Diesel is first and foremost the story of a man: Renzo Rosso was born in the Padua, in the North of Italy in 1955. He began to design his own clothes, and founded Diesel in 1978, which has flourished with originality, creativity and innovation ever since.

Fragrances were followed in 2007: Diesel reuses classic perfume codes with a modern twist to create unique, multifaceted fragrances, that are colorful, often unconventional, and with a real personality.

Fuel For Life gives the impression of the first encounter all over again... A sultry and stimulating fragrance for men and women, with both retro and modern notes, reflecting the Diesel spirit. But beware! This incredibly dynamic and potent elixir should be used with caution!

Fuel for Life Spirit, launched in 2013, is a reflection of men’s desire for the freedom to truly express who they are. Sensuous and sophisticated, Diesel Fuel for Life Spirit is the fragrance for men who live life to the fullest.

Only The Brave embodies Diesel masculinity in all its splendor: strength, courage, determination. A reference to talented artists, sports icons and alternative urban movements that have marked history. It is interpreted differently in a highly successful fragrance, Only The Brave Tattoo, for the man's man, mysterious and confident.

In September 2011, Diesel launched its first women's fragrance, Loverdose. A new addiction, a weapon of seduction: precious as a diamond, sharp as flint, guaranteed to go straight to the heart! Loverdose Tattoo, launched in August 2013, is a sensual fusion between the intense passion of Loverdose and the symbolic power of Tattoo. An enigmatic and powerful fragrance with the power to create obsession and addiction to love… From skin to heart…