Want beautiful skin for the rest of your life? The choice is clear: Clarisonic®. Clarisonic develops and sells advanced clinically-proven skincare solutions that are revolutionizing the world of skin care.

Modella Clarisonic

Clarisonic® an innovative pioneer in the field of skin care presents the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System, the first "sonic cleansing" system for healthy, younger looking skin. The system was created in Seattle, Washington in 2001, by a group of scientists and Sonicare® engineers. Like the latter, which has changed the oral health care of millions of people, Clarisonic® has changed the way we take care of your skin. By combining proprietary technology and innovative ideas, the brand, whose primary mission was to clear acne by treating every pore of the skin, is shaking up the beauty industry.

Clarisonic® is rapidly becoming the skin cleansing solution most recommended and used by more and more professionals, including thousands of dermatologists, salons and spas. Added to the millions of enthusiastic consumers who have already adopted Clarisonic as their skin care solution is an inspiration to continue to improve skincare routines in new ways. Drawing from L'Oréal and the best R & D team in the world Clarisonic® takes the beauty industry in to another dimension. What was already the best way to clean the skin now becomes a comprehensive approach that revolutionizes the way we take care of skin.