Our mission

The L’Oréal Foundation embodies the willingness of the group to commit itself to citizenship and social progress, an attitude that is firmly anchored in its history.

L'Oréal Foundation si impegna a essere un buon cittadino sociale e d'impresa
L'Oréal Foundation si impegna a essere un buon cittadino sociale e d'impresa

More than ever before, the development of companies goes hand in hand with major social responsibilities, with generosity playing an important role. The Foundation's attitude to mutual assistance and solidarity is based on science and beauty, the two foundation stones on which our company has been built for over a hundred years.

Embodying the values of excellence, generosity and creativity, science forms part of L’Oréal's DNA. It was thus natural for the Foundation to choose this as a field of activity. It has committed itself to making science accessible, a shared and encouraged activity, which the Foundation has chosen to support.

As beauty and appearance are essential, containing as they do the most important message we wish to send to others, and as a well-groomed appearance can help people feel better, the Foundation has also chosen to engage in socially useful activities based on our chosen profession of beauty, for the benefit of the most vulnerable persons. One objective which translates into three key initiatives: the restoration of self-esteem in persons rendered vulnerable by life's events, beauty as a factor in social inclusion and the mobilization of our network of dedicated hairdressers to take up mutual causes.

Pride, emotion and the smiles of those we help and accompany each day around the world, the encouragement of our partners, i.e. researchers, doctors, teachers and beauty professionals - all this motivates us to continue along this path of shared science and generous beauty, aimed at helping others.