Acting with the foundation

The criteria for selection and practical information about proposing a project within the framework of the L’Oréal Foundation

Scendi in campo con L'Oréal Foundation
Scendi in campo con L'Oréal Foundation

Criteria for eligibility

The projects must concur with the fields of activity of the L’Oréal Foundation.

Accessible science: to promote research, to reinforce the role of women in science, to allow the propagation of a scientific culture.

Generous beauty : to help persons affected by changes in their appearance to regain their self-esteem and to reintegrate socially; to help persons in a socially precarious situation to undergo training in a beauty-related field.

The Foundation does not support any requests that do not fall under its statutory duties.

We give preference to projects associated with the fields in which L’Oréal is active, which are planned for an appropriate period and demonstrate true originality in their approach, while still adhering to the values of the Group and the Foundation. We ensure that the proposed use of the assistance requested is accurately described by the project partner, including the objectives to be achieved and indicators that would allow us to evaluate the impact of the Foundation's support.

We pay careful attention to the feasibility of each project, along with the experience, stability and reach of the prospective project partner and the parties he will be working with. The projects presented may thus be funded by associations, NGOs, French foundations or any other corporate body not for gain. The target population must be accurately described.

The Foundation also takes the following criteria into account in its selection process :

  • the originality and social innovation of the project ;
  • its significant impact on the target population;
  • the potential for accurate measurement of the results of the support provided by the Foundation ;
  • the potential implications for L’Oréal employees.

Criteria for non-eligibility

All projects must be related to the Foundation's field of activity: generous science and beauty. Thus, sporting and cultural events are out of the Foundation's scope.

Individual, ad hoc projects do not meet the requirements for potential partnership.

All projects involve product donations at places such as events or festivals.

All projects should be student-run and with a humanitarian aim.

Individual projects

The selection process

Your submission will first be examined by the Foundation team from the point of view of strategic orientation and eligibility criteria. The Foundation team will then submit preselected projects to the Board of Directors.

Once a project has been accepted by the Board of Directors, a joint venture agreement will be concluded between the project partner and the Foundation.

The joint venture will be monitored by the Foundation team. The project will be regularly evaluated by the Board of Directors.

How to submit a project

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