What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers downloaded onto your computer when you visit digital platforms (notably our websites).

We use cookies mainly to recognize you when you connect to our platforms again and to present you with content tailored to your centers of interest.

How to configure cookies?

The default settings of web browsers are normally set to accept cookies, but you can easily change that by changing your browser’s settings. However, you should note that if you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain parts of the platforms.

To find out more about cookie settings:

To find out more about Cookie settings: or

What cookies do we use?

Depending on the platform concerned, we use cookies notably so that we can:

  • identify you when you connect to our platforms and notably to know you better and offer you personalized navigation.
  • provide you with secure navigation and notably fight fraud.
  • offer you content linked to your centers of interest, including advertizing content.
  • suggest commercial offers bearing in mind notably your preferences and your recent purchases.

For more details on cookies used on this platform, please consult the paragraph
“Which cookies are placed on this platform? ".

Do we host third party cookies?

Third party cookies may be stored on your computer and are intended to personalize and improve content (including advertizing) that might be offered to you during your visit. Depending on the platforms, several third-party cookies may be stored, notably:

  • Social network content: we may publish content from social networks on our platforms. So when you visit this type of content on our platform, a corresponding social network cookie may be recorded on your computer. You are invited to find out more about the cookies management policy of these social network cookies on the websites concerned.
  • Flash: Flash cookies are files stored by the Flash application. This program is often installed as a browser plug-in to view dynamic objects, such as graphical animations or videos. Flash cookies can thus be installed whenever the Flash application is used. You are invited to find out more about the management policy of Flash cookies on the site ou

Do we place cookies on third party platforms?

We may sometimes place cookies belonging to us onto platforms belonging to third party partners and display advertisements for our brands and/or our products. These cookies are mainly intended to present you with content adapted to your centers of interest and to keep track of consultation of our content (including advertizing).

What cookies are placed on this platform?

The following cookies are used on this platform:

 Cookie  Statutusnbsp;(Obligatory/Optional)  Cookie name  Finalité du Cookie
 Google Analytics –  Unique userD_  Optiona  __utma  Each visitor to a web page is allotted a unique identifier via the cookie __utma In this way a single visitor will be allotted a single identifier at each  visit and will not be counted twice.