Transforming lives through reconstructive surgery

In many regions of the world, war, malnutrition and illness have a disfiguring and ostracizing effect, blighting the lives of thousands of people. Since 2008, the L’Oréal Foundation has been supporting plastic surgery programs that restore the faces of such victims.

Operation Smile
Operation Smile

People disfigured by war, poverty or disease risk being permanently excluded from society and often endure enormous suffering. Activities like going to school, founding a family, working and making friends become much more difficult. When someone regains their appearance and looks more like other people again, it restores their dignity, rebuilds their self-confidence and allows them to play a role in society. The L’Oréal Foundation has teamed up with Médecins du Monde, HumaniTerra, Enfants du Noma and their teams of volunteer surgeons – who work mainly in Africa and Asia – to give those unable to access reconstructive surgery the chance to regain their former appearance.

Operation Smile in 2012

In 2012, the Foundation continued to support Operation Smile, founded 20 years ago by Médecins du Monde. This year, teams from France, Germany and Japan carried out 26 missions in eight countries: Bangladesh, Burundi, Cambodia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Mongolia, Sierra Leone and Chad.