Information systems and technology

In a fast-changing world, information systems and technology are vital for L’Oréal’s performance.

Infografica sul ciclo di vita del prodotto

Infografica sul ciclo di vita del prodotto

Nowadays L’Oréal has to cope with a rapidly changing world and the group’s Information Systems department is our front line in addressing this challenge. Every day L’Oréal’s 68,900 employees use the group’s IT systems. Information Systems teams are present in all the group’s business sectors. They develop projects for the brands and the group’s more than 40+ plants and its Research and Innovation centers. Their contributions and expertise are vital for L’Oréal’s operational and strategic performance.

The chief missions of these teams consist in designing and building the group’s IT solutions so that they ensure the performance and continuity of the various business sectors, as well as streamline the company’s operational excellence by introducing new technologies. Our Information Systems teams are also genuine innovation facilitators whose job includes providing support in coping with the digital revolution.

Some functions

IT Project Manager
You take overall responsibility for a project. Your main mission is to design, manage and coordinate projects and monitor their deployment while likewise controlling the financial aspects. You will be responsible for a wide range of projects including infrastructure and supply chain business applications, sales, Research and Innovation, finance and production.

IT Functional Consultant
As a real internal consultant, you identify entities’ needs in close collaboration with main business owners. You design new solutions and identify improvements for the existing applications. You can either work on solutions for L’Oréal's core system or on specific solutions, developed in order to answer the local markets needs. You take part in rolling out these solutions in countries.

Digital Project Manager
It will be your mission to provide support for the digital revolution inside L’Oréal. This will include fields such as e-commerce, e-marketing sites and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). You need to know how to convert the needs of operational staff into technical specifications, monitor the progress of projects and suggest innovative solutions. To do this you will need competitive intelligence about technologies and trends.