Internal audit

Throughout the world the internal audit teams ensure that the group standards and internal control methods are properly applied.

L’Oréal’s internal audit team is both young and multicultural and operates in the 130 countries where the group is at home. Its role is to assess the internal control level and assist the management teams by conducting audits, making recommendations and promoting the implementation of good practices.

They identify and assess the risks that may affect the group’s subsidiaries and ensure L’Oréal’s management standards are properly applied. They work on a wide range of problems such as commercial policy, logistics, stocks, cash-flow, purchases, accounts, etc. and on organisational subjects such as the analysis of structural efficiency. They also work on accounting approaches, audit methods and systems and produce analyses for the group’s top management. Lastly, internal audit which touches base with all the group’s business units, provides excellent opportunities for subsequent career development into Finance, Operations or senior managerial responsibilities.