Customer Service and Customer Relations Management

Constituting and gaining the loyalty of a large customer base is an essential challenge for the brands. Listening to customers, customer service and the continuous improvement of customer relations teams is therefore the key to growth.

In a fast-moving, highly competitive environment customer loyalty is a major challenge. The customer service and customer relations management teams contribute to the expansion of brands by increasing sales and building customer loyalty through customer relations campaigns tailored to the various customer sectors.

Some functions

Customer Relations Manager (CRM)
Assigned to a particular country, you contribute to the expansion of brands. You encourage the development of sales and customer loyalty through the local deployment of a Customer Relationship Management strategy in line with the group’s international guidelines.

Web Analytics Manager
Using the key performance indicators (KPI), reporting principles and frame of reference you defined for e-media campaigns, you evaluate and measure the performance of campaigns and sites. This enables you to formulate recommendations on the media mix that will increase the impact and effectiveness of the campaigns.