International brand communication

Building and developing the image and reputation of a brand at the international level is the mission of the Communication teams responsible for the various brands in the portfolio.

Working within the international brand teams, the communication teams are responsible for building up the brand image, developing and ensuring its long-term reputation. Working in close collaboration with the marketing teams, they incorporate communication 2.0 to implement a 360° external communications strategy. They organise integrated communication campaigns and manage international media relations and public relations. Together with general management they define the major guidelines of the brand image policy. They are also responsible for managing an international network of communicators and for developing online and offline communications tools for the subsidiaries.

some functions

Content Manager
In an international Communication team, you develop online and offline communications resources and tools around product launches and brand events (new fashion icons, events, sponsorship, etc.). You will use your writing skills, gift for storytelling and image sensitivity to provide subsidiaries with printed, graphic or video content.