The purchasing teams play a major part in group performance. They focus on innovation, risk management and cost control and are directly tackling the major challenges of today.

The purchasers play a key role in L’Oréal’s economic performance and their mission is inseparable from the main challenges faced by the group. The purchasing teams contribute to growth, particularly by presenting the other entities in the group with innovative solutions developed by the network of suppliers. In several ways they also play an active part in risk management. The suppliers constitute an ecosystem whose image and reputation must be as flawless as that of the group itself. Purchasing teams are also responsible for operational risk control (quality of procurements, compliance with timelines, etc.). Lastly the purchasers play a major part in cost reduction and cost control.

Their role is currently changing in line with group strategy. In order to meet the requirements of consumers better and to grasp local opportunities L’Oréal is increasingly opening up to local suppliers by creating regional ecosystems: in Asia for example, the purchase of local raw materials has soared by 85% in 2 years.

some functions

Launch Buyer
You define the qualitative and quantitative objectives of the purchasing family you are responsible for in line with the purchasing strategy of your entity or category. You monitor the technological and economic aspects of your market, select and assess a panel of suppliers with whom you negotiate prices, quality, quantities, timelines and contractual conditions.

Sourcing Centre Director
You define and implement the company’s purchasing policy, for which the general purchasing department is responsible, in order to meet the qualitative, quantitative, organisational and financial objectives of your sourcing centre. L’Oréal has 5 regional Sourcing Centres worldwide that offer purchasers many opportunities to optimise costs with the most competitive suppliers on the world markets and also the possibility of grasping local opportunities anywhere in the world.