Packaging & Development

Packaging, which is at the crossroads of research, marketing and operations, is an essential component of the image of L’Oréal’s innovation.

The Packaging and development fields are at the interface of L’Oréal’s great areas of expertise: research, marketing, production, etc. They offer a wide range of extremely fulfilling missions: researching and developing new concepts and innovative solutions either using internal resources or with service providers, coordinating and supervising operational teams, technical expertise, checking compatibility for certification purposes or creating new packaging.

The operational packaging teams are responsible for the technical design of packaging components. They develop the technical drawings and requirements needed to establish the specifications intended for suppliers. They manage product approval. Lastly they draw up, validate and publish the specifications of the finished goods and its components. The development teams coordinate all the departments (sourcing centre, international marketing, plants, Research and Innovation, etc.) involved in launching new packaging to ensure compliance with timelines.

In order to satisfy customer expectations throughout the world L’Oréal has set up packaging innovation relays in its major markets. In India and South America they have made it possible to work on the presentation of certain products with attractive aluminium-free, reusable bags.

some functions

Packaging Engineer
You are responsible for the design, approval and technical specifications of product packaging. You act as a consultant to the development and marketing departments by suggesting optimal technical solutions. You draw up the supplier technical consultation files, organise and validate the various approvals, monitor the packaging schedule stages and issue notification of potential risks and non-conformities. Lastly you suggest improvements to existing products in terms of functionality, cost, quality and productivity.

Development Engineer
In collaboration with marketing, the business divisions and operations teams you manage launch, renewal and value analysis projects. You act as experts for the marketing department by studying beforehand the feasibility of launch briefs and advising marketing teams in terms of technical solutions or innovation opportunities. You consolidate investments by drawing up and issuing price estimates. You draw up and monitor detailed product development schedules. In technical terms you finalise the shades, lists of defects and manage the graphics process.