Environment, Health and Safety

Personal and property safety as well as protecting health and the environment are vital to L’Oréal and are integrated in the very core of its responsible development strategy.

Health, safety and the environment are essential issues for L’Oréal. Each year the group sets ambitious objectives to improve its level of safety and reduce the impact its business has on the environment. The health, safety and the environment teams are therefore committed to a continuous improvement process in the three main sectors in which they work. They ensure that practices and processes comply with the legislation in force and L’Oréal’s internal standards and evaluate all new products and processes in terms of health, safety and the environment. They also play an essential part in mobilising employees and integrating issues of health, safety and the environment in daily team behaviour. Lastly they manage a programme of internal audits and establish indicators for measuring and reporting on group performance in terms of health, safety and the environment.

some functions

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Engineer
You contribute to implementing the group’s health, safety and environment systems on your site. You therefore approve or prohibit operations, buildings or equipment, supervise the site safety team and manage communications, information and training on EHS subjects. You also manage site surveillance (fire safety, accidents, intrusion, etc.) and draw up prevention plans for service providers and outside companies.