By making the group’s business and assets legally secure, L’Oréal’s legal teams make a vital contribution and shed expert light on legal decisions.

Team legali

Team legali

The Legal Department advises General Management, both at head office and in the various countries, and provides opinions and recommendations on strategic issues. The department offers a variety of fulfilling careers that enable its teams to enrich their expertise and develop it towards subjects that are increasingly technical and complex.

The legal teams provide consultancy and control to protect the group’s business and assets in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. Their missions consist mainly in making L’Oréal’s business operations legally secure, for example in the distribution and sale of group products and also the creation, management and defence of a wide portfolio of international brands.

Some Functions

Specialist in Business Law, Contracts
You devise, draw up and negotiate all types of contracts. You are responsible for the legal security of operations in terms of competition and distribution law and you advise the operational and functional management teams of the group entities. You are also responsible for approving advertising campaigns and for problems over copyright, unfair competition and consumer law. Lastly, you manage disputes working closely with the management teams involved and external consultants.

Trademark Law Specialist
Within the Trademarks and Models Legal Department you assist the Marketing Departments and countries in the risk-free operation of new names, claims, packing and packaging. You register and renew their registrations in all the countries where the group is present and you are responsible for defending them and for combatting infringement and piracy. Lastly you must reserve and preserve, in all countries, the names of the Internet domains and addresses for which you are responsible.

Specialist in Competition Law
You report to the Competition Legal Department and advise internal legal specialists and operational managers on problems of competition law. You also monitor proceedings and acquisitions, mergers and transfer projects, the signing of new distribution or licence agreements, and for antitrust procedures notifications with the competition authorities. Lastly, you run internal training courses on competition law and L’Oréal best practices.

Specialist in Mergers, Acquisitions and Licences
You manage all the legal and contractual aspects of the group’s external growth operations (acquisitions, licences, transfers). You represent the Legal Department in the working groups created to perform such operations and you select and direct the work of local lawyers while keeping General Management informed of any developments.
You are also responsible for devising, drafting and negotiating all types of contract including confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, etc. needed to perform the operations. Lastly you manage the operations of establishing, creating and restructuring group entities as part of external growth operations.”