Who we are

Thanks to its size and its performance, L’Oréal offers a world of opportunities to those who share its culture.

Campagna di manifesti Garnier in Cina

Campagna di manifesti Garnier in Cina

Our culture

Una cultura profonda

L’Oréal was born out of the determination of inspired researcher Eugène Schueller just over one hundred years ago. This adventure is ongoing thanks to the talent, commitment and convictions of the men and women who share L’Oréal’s culture. Passing down skills, knowledge, courage, imagination, a taste for innovation, a continued search for excellence as well as the love of a job well done, effort and challenge, and a firm belief in the significance of beauty; these are some of the features that continue to hold our teams together. They distinguish the culture of the Group and those who work in it.

Our exciting business

Un'azienda entusiasmante

With the worldwide success of its products, L’Oréal posts solid performances that guarantee an exciting and challenging business to be part of. The Group is growing faster than the market, which strengthens its position as leader. The solidity of its business results has given it the resources to fulfill its ambitions, winning over a billion new consumers.

Four key aspects of our beauty business model


At L’Oreal, our operations, HR, marketing and sales approaches are designed to support universalization. While we maintain global brand equity across countries, we are able to foster local developments and adapt to local distribution. Our daily challenges are to develop unsurpassed knowledge of our consumers, to develop geo-cosmetics science, to identify geo-cosmetics science, to identify local ideas with global potential and to conquer new territories.

Today, new markets account for 38.3% of our annual sales.


Innovation is in the DNA of our company. Every single function aims to innovate in their field. The company structures itself to foster innovation. For example, we have created regional hubs in key markets for Research & Innovation, Marketing Development and Operations to facilitate local innovation and inspire global innovation.


Beauty is a fast moving business. Trends change quickly. Our company is able to adapt and be proactive in all fields: research, manufacturing, sales, marketing, HR… At L’Oréal we are always on the lookout for new opportunities: new products, categories, markets, distribution, e-business…


To be high performing and nimble, our different brands are organized like a flotilla of speed boats benefiting from the means of a giant cruiser. L’Oréal’s uniqueness is to cover all channels of distribution, all beauty categories and all consumer segments, with dedicated brands. Each business unit is autonomous and operates with a different business model and with its own specific profitability logic.

Key figures 2012

  • a turnover of 22.5 billion euros
  • L’Oréal sales growth is 16% faster than global beauty market

Our international brands

Campagna di manifesti Garnier in Asia

We pursue an ambitious, selective acquisition strategy, concentrating on culturally diverse brands with international potential.

Our awards and recognitions

Logo World's Most Attractive Employers 2012

Our commitment to the world

Programma Garnier e Dop:

Over and above its financial performances, L’Oréal is committed to responsible, ethical growth and aims to be an exemplary company. Its ethical values have shaped its coherent policies on research, the environment, corporate social responsibility and solidarity. L’Oréal’s respect for diversity, which is inherent in the company’s international character, is a strategic priority that distinguishes L’Oréal from other companies in the field.

Our global presence

  • Present in 130 countries
  • 27 international brands
  • 72,600 employees worldwide
  • 3,817 researchers and employees in Research & Innovation worldwide
  • 18,000 employees in Operations worldwide
  • 22 Research centers and 17 Evaluation centers worldwide
  • 42 factories and 145 logistic sites worldwide
  • 5 Management Development Centers (training centers) worldwide