Brandstorm: a breakthough innovation

Brandstorm: un'innovazione di tipo diverso

Brandstorm: un'innovazione di tipo diverso

Twenty years ago L'Oréal launched its pioneering Brandstorm competition, a marketing challenge that invites talented young people from all over the world to take on the role of an international brand manager. Each year since it started, teams of undergraduates harness their creativity to propose a brandstrategy for one of L'Oréal’s 27 international brands that is in line with the latest developments and trends in the market. Welcomed by students seeking a real global professional experience, Brandstorm has become an educational touchstone for business schools worldwide.

In 2013 the challenge will be greater than ever: devising a new business strategy for the group’s leading brand, L'Oréal Paris. Your mission: Breakthrough innovation!

Brandstorm in 2012

8,200 participants
270 campuses
43 countries
Over 60,000 students have participated in Brandstorm throughout its 20 years