Blue therapy serum-in-oil: the new anti-aging by Biotherm

One year after the launch of Blue Therapy, its anti-aging range dedicated to visible signs of aging, Biotherm creates Blue Therapy Serum-in-oil. Always at the cutting edge of texture formulation, the brand has, for the first time, succeeded in uniting the power of a serum with the repair of new micro-algae oil: Ulkenia oil. Rich in a specific omega-3 fatty acid, its lipid composition matches so closely the skin that it has the capacity to fuse with the skin’s cellular membranes1.
Dedicated to nighttime, Blue Therapy Serum-in-oil visibly softens wrinkles and helps restore skin’s youthful radiance. Every morning, a newer skin rises: smoother, bouncier, more radiant.

1Epidermal layers of the skin